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Perfumes for Women

Buying Guide for Women’s Fragrances

Choosing the perfect perfume can be quite a task for some woman and, indeed, some women take their perfumes very seriously. So when buying a perfume, especially as a gift, you should ensure that you have all the bases covered before you come to a final decision. I have already covered some of the perfume basics like notes and fragrance types in my other articles but here I will look at some of the other important factors that should be considered when you are shopping for fragrances.


Stick To Familiar Scents

This tip is an excellent one when you are looking to get someone perfume as a gift. Try to stick to fragrances that smell like or are from the same family of fragrances that you know the woman you are shopping for already likes. If she has perfumes like the classic and subtle Chanel No. 5 in her collection, for example, you would not want to make a big jump and get her a perfume like Angel by Thierry Mugler, which makes a very strong statement and is anything but subtle. Instead, for this woman you should consider fragrances that are comparable to Chanel No. 5, like a Narciso.

Consider The Occasion

Will you be wearing the fragrance that you choose to work, for a night out on the town with your girlfriends, or for a romantic rendezvous? The occasion for which you will be wearing a fragrance will matter, as not all fragrances are suitable for every occasion. Lighter, fresh fragrances like Amazing Grace by Philosophy are great for daytime wearing and so are suitable for work or a lunch date and also if you are traveling. For evening events, more potent scents with higher concentrations of perfume are more appropriate.

What is the Time of Year?

You should also consider the time of year when you are purchasing fragrances. In the winter months when the weather is cold and brittle richer, musky, and warm fragrances will be better options. In the spring and summer months you will want to lighten things up with fresh, fruity, and floral fragrances like Marc Jacobs Honey. When the weather is warm perfumes are more potent but they will also fade quickly. For this reason eau de toilette and eau de cologne fragrances are the more popular choice during these seasons, as they can be applied repeatedly to the skin when you want to freshen up.

These factors, along with the type of perfume and the notes it contains, will help you to choose the perfect perfume. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to fragrances, and a scent that I absolutely love maybe one that you will absolutely hate. So when you are shopping for perfumes, shop with care and be very thoughtful in your decision making. The marketing tactics of the various perfume companies can be very distracting, but in the end it is whether or not a fragrance will be pleasing to you and complement your personal style that matters; not which model is currently the face of the perfume’s brand.